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Vaginal Rejuvenation Specialist

Noble Care Multi-Specialty Surgery and Medical Center

Tuan Nguyen, D.O.

Cosmetic Surgery & General Surgeon located in Westminster, CA

When your vaginal health is not at its best, your overall sense of well-being can be significantly hindered. Dr. Tuan Nguyen and his team at Noble Care Outpatient Surgery Center understand that vaginal wellness may be the key to helping you regain your sexual confidence. If you would like to consult with Dr. Nguyen about vaginal wellness, call or book an appointment online with his office in Westminster, California today.

Vaginal Wellness Q & A

How can I maintain vaginal wellness?

You can help maintain vaginal wellness through corrective procedures that help restore the natural process of vaginal laxity and correct the aging appearance of the female vulva (mon pubis, outer labia, and inner labia).

Vaginal laxity occurs when the tissues of the vaginal wall have become stretched and unresponsive. This makes sexual satisfaction difficult to achieve or no longer possible.

Vaginal laxity is typically the result of one, or a combination of two natural female processes:


The process of childbirth stretches the vaginal wall and the surrounding tissues, diminishing friction and satisfaction.


During menopause, the natural decline of estrogen causes thinning, dryness, and an overall decline of vaginal response and satisfaction.

There is an elective surgery for vaginal wellness that can help tighten the tissues of the vaginal canal and surrounding areas to improve vaginal laxity and overall sexual satisfaction.

The aging appearance of the female vulva (mon pubis, outer labia, and inner labia) comes with aging and can be rejuvenated.

What surgical treatments are offered for vaginal wellness?

The extent of surgical restoration that is needed to rejuvenate your vaginal health depends on your degree of vaginal laxity. The surgical option for vaginal wellness can include a number of individual techniques to restore your tissues to their youthful appearance and function. These procedures may focus on your vaginal wall, inner labia, outer labia.

Elements of your vaginal wellness may include:

  • Vaginal wall tightening to correct vaginal laxity
  • Removing excessive or stretched redundant tissue of inner labia
  • Autologous fat graft transfer to outer labia.
  • Autologous fat graft transfer to mons pubis.
  • Stem cells (with/without PRP) vulva rejuvenation.

If your vaginal health is affecting your relationships and confidence, Dr. Nguyen and his team can help you regain your sense of satisfaction through vaginal wellness.

If you’re interested in maintaining your vaginal wellness and youthful appearance, call or book an appointment online today for a consultation with Dr. Nguyen.