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Calf Implants Specialist

Noble Care Multi-Specialty Surgery and Medical Center

Tuan Nguyen, D.O.

Cosmetic Surgery & General Surgeon located in Westminster, CA

When you want more defined leg muscles, calf implants are a viable option for both men and women. Dr. Tuan Nguyen of Westminster, California, can help you refine your body in a way that allows you to gain confidence and feel your best. For a calf implant consultation with the Noble Care Outpatient Surgery Center team, call or book an appointment online today.

Calf Implants Q & A

What are calf implants?

Calf implants are used to enhance the definition of leg muscles for men and women, giving your entire leg a more toned appearance. These implants also come in handy after a leg injury — when the lower part of the leg has been deformed — to help restore the natural look of your leg.

The procedure involves placing a saline-filled sack under the calf muscle, located at the back of your lower leg. This fills in the tissues behind the leg, giving the appearance of well-defined calf muscles.

For some, multiple implants may be placed in each leg to achieve the desired look.

What does calf implant surgery entail?

First, Dr. Nguyen consults with you to determine your goals for calf implantation. He assesses your calves and helps determine the best size and shape of your implant.

On the day of your procedure, you are sedated before the surgery begins. While you’re sleeping, Dr. Nguyen makes an incision on the back of your knee, and then inserts the saline implant behind your calf muscle. He closes the incision and places specialized compression dressings on your legs.

You are at the surgery center for a few hours before being released to return home. Since the anesthesia makes you groggy, it’s important that you have someone to drive you home. Assistance at home is also helpful during the first few days of recovery.

What can I expect during recovery after getting calf implants?

It’s important that you follow all instructions given to you by the team at Noble Care Outpatient Surgery Center. These instructions help to protect your implants and prevent any complications during your recovery.

Instructions you may receive include:

  • Start walking within 2-4 days
  • Wear compression dressings for two weeks
  • Avoid exercising for 4-6 weeks
  • Follow up with Dr. Nguyen

It takes your leg muscles a few weeks to adapt to your new calf implants. Dr. Nguyen and his team are with you every step of the way to ensure a speedy recovery.

If you would like to discuss the possibility of calf implants, call or book your appointment with Noble Care Outpatient Surgery Center online today.